quadr- (L. quadr-: quatre) prefix. Meaning four.

quadrangular (L. quadrangulus: quadrangular) adj. Four-angled. Also quadrangulate.

quadrangulate See quadrangular.

quadrate (L. quadratum: square) adj. Square; rectangular.

quadri- (L. quadri-: quatre) prefix. Meaning four.

quadrifid adj. Divided into four basically equal lobes or segments. Cf. bisbifid.

quadrifoliate (L. quadri-: four; folium: feuille) adj. With four leaves or four leaflets.

quadrilateral (L. quadrilaterus: quadrilateral) adj. With four sides.

quadripinnate (L. quadri-: four; pinna: feather, wing) adj. Four times pinnate.

quadripinnatifid (L. quadri-: four; pinna: feather, wing; findere: to split) adj. Four times pinnately cleft.

quadriplex See nulliplex.

quadriseriate adj. In our ranks or rows.

quadrivalent See univalent.

Quaternary n. A period that encompasses at least the last 3,000,000 years of the Cenozoic Era, and is concerned with major worldwide glaciations and their effect on land and sea, on worldwide climate, and on the plants and animals that lived then. The Quaternary is divided into the Pleistocene Epoch and Holocene. The universal term Pleistocene is gradually re-placing Quaternary; Holocene involves the last 7000 years since the Pleistocene.

quilled adj. With tubular florets, especially in cases where the florets are typically ligulate, as in some members of the Compositae (Asteraceae).

quinary (L. quinarius: of five) adj. Arranged in fives.

quinate (L. quina, quini: five) adj. Five-parted; arranged in groups of five.

quincuncial (L. quincuncialis: that holds 5/12) adj. With a five-ranked leaf arrangement. Of the arrangement of corolla lobes in a bud, a variant of imbricate aestivation. Having the leaves of a pentamerous calyx or corolla so imbricated that two are exterior, two are interior, and the other has one edge exterior and one interior; as, quincuncial ęstivation. Quincuncial phyllotaxy: an arrangement of five leaves in a spiral, each leaf two fifths of a circle from the next.

quincunx n. An arrangement of things by fives in a square or a rectangle, one being placed at each corner and one in the middle; especially, such an arrangement of trees repeated indefinitely, so as to form a regular group with rows running in various directions. A quincuncial arrangement, as of the parts of a flower in ęstivation.

quinone See quinones.

quinones n. The general name for aromatic compounds that have two atoms of hydrogen replaced by two atoms of oxygen, usually yellow, red, or orange.

quinque- Prefix meaning five.

quinquecostate (L. quinque: five; costa: rib, side) adj. With five ribs.

quinquefarious (L. quinquefariam: in five ways) adj. Arranged in five ranks. e.g. of leaves.

quinquefoliate (L. quinquefolius: with five leaves) adj. With five leaves or five leaflets.

quinquejugate (L. quinque: five; jugum: yoke) adj. Arranged in five pairs.

quinquelocular (L. quinque: five; loculus: small spot, small box) adj. With five cells or locules.

quinquenerved (L. quinque: five; nervus: tendon, ligament, nerve) adj. With five main nerves.

quinquepartite (L. quinque: five; partitus: divided) adj. Divided into five parts.

quinquepunctate adj. Applied to the compound pore of a hyalocyst; consisting of a central perforation with four smaller pores at the corners; e.g. Calymperes erosum.