Here are some of my musical compositions and arrangements.

All of them, except where otherwise indicated, are available on a set of 4 CDs, including some songs sung by me and not included here, and they sound much better on the CDs than they do on the web site. If you want the set, contact me at the e-mail address listed on the home page.

Songs sung by humans

Voldy the Dark Lord (Voldemort's return. Tune: Frosty the Snowman.)

The Polyjuice Potion Song (Hermione's experience with Polyjuice potion.)

The Alchemy Student and the Facemask (He wouldn't wear one and here's what happened to him.)

The Treevot's curses (submitted in an assignment for Herbology.)

Hairlip's Lament (Hairlip, a goblin prince tried to marry Irene, a human princess.)

The Horned King's Song (A song for the movie The Black Cauldron)

Bubbles (a musical setting of a poem by 11-year-old Lynn Hutchinson, sung by Patricia Abbott)

Healer, Healer (lyrics by Karelin Prewett, sung by Lucy Baeytorin and me)

The Hen and the Oriole (a musical setting of a poem by Don Marquis. Archy is a cockroach, who calls the poet "boss".)

Kristoff's Lament (A song for the movie Frozen)

The Missing Note (quoting songs starting with each note of the scale except one)

Introduction to Induction (a musical setting of a poem by my wife Victoria about mathematical induction)

A Million Ways to Love, a Final Reason to Live (a musical setting of a poem by my online friend Samantha Woods Snape)

Songs sung by synthesizer

Bubbles (a musical setting of a poem by 11-year-old Lynn Hutchinson)

I'm Gonna Getcha Good (an arrangement for contralto and piano of Shania Twain's hit song with some complex harmonies and quotes from other pieces added, not included in the CDs)

Pieces for recorder ensemble (On the CDs, some of these are also set for chamber orchestra.)

Original compositions

Variations on a Phone Number; Little Girl Skipping; Shy Lad's Initiation; Imaginary Reel; Melancolie (melody by Gilles Brissette); 9/8ude, an etude in 9/8 time;


Adagio attributed to Albinoni; Bach Prelude I-22; Bach Fugue I-2; Chopin Waltz No 1; Chopin Mazurka; Dance of the Flutes; In a Venetian Gondola; Waltz from the Jazz Suite; William Tell Overture Finale;

Quodlibets (a mixture of tunes related by melodic or harmonic similarities)

Alouette et Al; Barclay Medley; Brahms writes Happy Birthday; Clementi Crosses Over; Fast French Canadian Songs; Fourward March; Rudolph and Friends; La Foolia; Slow French Canadian Songs; Willingdon Poppourri; Ye Faithful Sheep;

Pop, film music, miscellaneous

Ah! que l'hiver; All Shook Up and Hound Dog; All the Things You Are; Can Can by Offenbach; Never on Sunday; Chestnuts Roasting; Devoted to You; El Relicario; Eli's Theme; Jingle Bells; Money Money Money; O Canada!; Piemontesina; Por Una Cabeza; Sound of Music; Sweet Adeline; Swingin' Shepherd Blues; Tell Him; Theme from The Mission; Tosca Tango;

Pieces for bass recorder and piano (not included in the CDs)

All the Things you Are; Bach's Prelude no. 22, Book I; My One True Friend; Proezas de Solon; I Dreamed a Dream;

Pieces for piano

Original compositions (written since age 13 - earlier ones are on the CDs)

Forbidden Pleasure; Lady with a Broken Toe; Little Girl Skipping; Nocturne; Phone Call; Scapegoat; She of Many Moods; Shy Lad's Initiation; Sonata mvt 1; Sonata mvt 2; Sonata mvt 3(fugue); Theme and Variations; Imaginary Reel;


Adeste Fidelas by Schubert; Devoted to You by Clementi; Chopin's Chestnuts; Diana by Beethoven; Following the Leader by Mozart; Haydn Seek; Hulk by Brahms; Inclementi; Joshua by Grieg; Lola by Chopin; Matchmaker by Chopin; Montezuma by Schubert; Off Koehler; Poor Prokoffiev; Sixpence by Schubert; So do re mi; Sunshine by Beethoven; Toccalot; Tosca Tango; Sadie Hawkins' Wedding;

Pieces for chamber orchestra (these sound better on the CDs)

Super plus later; Anti-Pravda; Edith Piaf Medley; Beethoven's 5th symphony, mvt. 1; Shy Lad's Initiation; Bruch's Scottish Fantasy; Aragonaise; Farandole; Love Story; Ode to Joy; Titanic; William Tell for strings; Chopin's Grande Valse Brillante  (click here to see story); International Drinking Song; Marching Swan; Robots and Monkeys Rule the World; Poppourri;