Here are my poems.

  1. Looking Up to You (in praise of taller women)
  2. My Dog
  3. The Rain Forest
  4. Ultrason (inspired by my older son when he was one year old. The title has a meaning in both English and French.)
  5. Welcome to the Real World (of computer programming)
  6. Oration (Khrushchev paraphrases Shakespeare in 1956)
  7. Cry from the Gulag
  8. Dear Mr. B. (job application from a retired interrogator)
  9. The Meeting
  10. The Polyjuice Potion Poem (Hermione Granger paraphrases Shakespeare)
  11. Ode to a Television Set (A power outage in New York caused a brief rise in the birth rate.)
  12. Les Saisons (my one and only poem in French)
  13. My Fault
  14. Geniuses