Logiciels développés

T-REX web server (link) The T-REX web server allows users to perform several popular methods of phylogenetic analysis as well as some new phylogenetic applications for inferring, drawing and validating phylogenetic trees and networks which we have developed.

Standalone software Program T-REX (tree and reticulogram reconstruction)
Armadillo workflow platform (link) Armadillo is a workflow platform dedicated to phylogenetic as well as general bioinformatics analysis. A number of important computational biology tools have been included in the first release. The Armadillo platform is open-source and allows users to develop their own modules and/or integrate existing computer applications.
HTS Corrector (link) HTS Corrector software is designed to examine and visualize HTS data and correct experimental HTS assays.
Program OVW (link) Optimal variable weighting for ultrametric and additive clustering and k-means partitioning (Université de Montréal).
Linear and Polynomial RDA and CCA (link) Linear and polynomial canonical analysis (Université de Montréal).
Robinson and Foulds software (link) Program for computation of the Robinson and Foulds topological distance between two phylogenetic trees. (Université de Montréal).